Competition Terms and Conditions

The proposed insurance will cover one (1) Single patron shooting a basket from one (1) only attempt(s) from the halfway line at TBA at TBA.

The patron is to be positioned on the half way line inside the centre radius circle. A successful attempt requires the contestant to throw (shoot) a basketball from beyond the half way line, meaning the ball must be thrown directly through the hoop or off the backboard without bouncing or being touched by any other person, or the player crossing the half way line while the ball is within their possession.

The ring is to be a regulation ring. The distance to the ring is approximately forty seven (47f) from the half way line.

Coverage is for one(1) single shot(s). There may be various ancillary (minor) prizes.

AUD $20,000 any one shot and in the aggregate.

Certain underwriters at Lloyd’s

AUD $1,540 including all taxes.

It is a condition of the insurance the Premium paid in full on acceptance of this letter of offer.

The cost of the supervision are estimated to be $800 plus GST or less.It is a condition of the insurance the Premium paid in full on acceptance of this letter of offer.

Amateur participants only. Professional or former professional players are excluded absolutely.

It is a condition precedent to liability that the insured:

a)Has accepted the legal liability to indemnify a third party upon the happening of the contingency (as stated above) for which insurance coverage is provided herein,

b)shall observe and comply with all the laws, ordinances and regulations,

c)shall ensure that al necessary licenses, permits, copyrights or patent authorisation are obtained and remain current for the period of the cover.

d)The selected contestant must not be currently or previously a professional or semi professional player. No practice throws are permitted. The draws will be under the supervision of the insurer’s representative at all times.








The indication to which these conditions attach is provided by Underwriters on the strict understanding that –

1.It is subject to acceptance by both Underwriters and the insured prior to the acceptance date shown in the indication.

2.If any happening or circumstances arises prior to the acceptance by the Underwrites which increases or could increase the possibility of a loss, or in any way materially alters the risk as indicated, the Underwriters shall no obligation to accept the risk: however, at their sole discretion they may decide to provide an alternative indication.

3.The Proposer and the insured has/have declared all the material facts likely to influence a prudent Underwriter in determining:

a)whether or not to accept the risk

b)the Premium

c)any terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.

The Proposer warrants the truth and accuracy of all information supplied to support their request for insurance, it being understood that should be a contract of insurance to be concluded, such information shall be incorporated into and form the basis of the contract.

4.a) Where the Proposer is acting on behalf of all others who may be partly to the indication all the information provided shall be deemed to have been obtained and declared after enquiry from each of them; this condition shall also apply to any intermediary.

b) The Proposer accepting the indication does so on behalf of all others and accepts responsibility for the Premium due immediately upon acceptance of the risk by Underwriters.

5.The Proposer and the Insured undertake that no other insurance has been purchased on the specific risk and none shall be without Underwriters’ prior written approval. In the event of such approval being given, the terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations and premium set out in the attached indication may be amended by Underwriters.

6.The insurance once accepted will not be cancellable by the Insured or Underwriters.

7.If any of the foregoing conditions are breached, the indication and any subsequent insurance shall become null and void.

8.In arranging this insurance, A.I.S. Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is acting under an authority as the agent of the insurers (certain underwriters at Lloyd’s) and not as your agent.

Last Edited on 25/06/2020